Asbestos Drywall

Asbestos Drywall

Some drywall was manufactured that contains asbestos. In fact, asbestos drywall is still imported into the US from places like Canada and China that still contain asbestos. A more commonplace for asbestos is in the textured coatings placed on the drywall. Another place used in the drywall system is the joint compound used over the joints between sheets of drywall and over the tape. The texture is considered a surfacing material and its removal is regulated as RACM by NESHAP.

American Abatement follows all asbestos regulations while removing asbestos drywall from your business or home.  We build containments, with negative pressure to control the movement of asbestos fibers.  We use HEPA vacuums to capture asbestos dust and debris.  All asbestos waste is disposed of at an EPA approved landfill.  All our workers are AHERA trained and certified each year, so they will always use the newest technologies and methods.  

American Abatement has removed asbestos drywall from:

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Homes
  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals

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