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One of the most common uses for asbestos in building products is in flooring materials like vinyl floor tile, linoleum, and the mastic glues used to adhere these flooring materials to the concrete or wood surface. Most all 9″ x 9″ floor tiles contain asbestos. It’s important to understand that the use of asbestos in the US has only been banned in a few products, namely, auto brake pads and linings, and thermal system insulation (TSI) typically the insulation around pipes. In other words just because a home or building was built recently, it does not mean it doesn’t contain asbestos, it may! Flooring products containing asbestos are still imported from Canada and China and could be used in new construction.

The only way to determine if your floor tile or flooring product contains asbestos is by analytic methods using special microscopes. There are several laboratories in most cities, you can find them on the internet and still in phone books.

Home Depot | Lowes | Sears

You may be buying new flooring from Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, or others, and at sometime in the process they may stop the installation or may not have began at all because asbestos may be present in your current flooring material or the mastics used to adhere them to the concrete. They will require that the flooring is tested for asbestos, and if there is asbestos they will not continue until you have hired a licensed contractor to properly remove these hazards to their installers. Home Depot, Lowes, and Sears will not remove asbestos materials. They will require a written assurance from the contractor that the asbestos materials were removed in accordance with all regulations and that the area is now free of asbestos. If you are planning to install new flooring, keep your project on schedule by testing those materials and getting them removed prior to your installer arriving, and leaving until the asbestos is removed.

The cost to remove asbestos flooring materials varies based on the following factors:

• What type of flooring is it?
           Floor Tile (12″ x 12″ and 9″ x 9″)
           Sheet Flooring (Linoleum)
• What type of adhesive was used?
           Black mastic
           Carpet glue
           Epoxy’s or other adhesives
• Is it a large open area like a Home Depot or an area with many small rooms like a home?
• Is the flooring on concrete or wood?
• Does the flooring go under cabinets or other structures?
• Will all items on the floor be removed prior to the removal?
• Is power and water available at the site?
• Can a hazardous waste dumpster be placed close to the home or building?
• Is scheduling flexible?
• Will work need to be performed after hours, on weekends or holidays?
• Where is the work located in the State?

Other factors may effect the cost based on your needs. Call us and we will work with you to meet your needs and your budget.

American Abatement has removed asbestos flooring materials in:

Commercial Buildings
Industrial Buildings

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Statement by American Abatement:. American Abatement did not develop the underlying information used to create the information at this web site and does not warrant the accuracy and completeness of such information. American Abatement emphasizes that asbestos and black mold should not be handled, sampled, removed or repaired by anyone other than a qualified professional.