Asbestos Popcorn removal in Phoenix

Asbestos Popcorn Removal in Phoenix

American Abatement has performed asbestos popcorn removal in Phoenix for over 25 years.  One of the most common ceiling textures in homes and commercial buildings was the infamous asbestos popcorn texture. It was used because of its superior fireproofing characteristics.  In recent years homeowners and businesses find this type of ceiling texture very ugly and out of style.  They turn to abatement contractors to remove this old fashion asbestos popcorn texture.   It is only possible to determine if your popcorn texture contains asbestos with a microscope.  There are many consultants in the Phoenix area that can take samples to a laboratory to determine if it contains asbestos.  All our workers are AHERA trained and certified that keeps them up to date with regulations, new technologies and methods.  You know you are hiring the right remediation contractor when 85% of their business is repeat and referral.  

American Abatement can quickly and safely perform asbestos popcorn removal in Phoenix. We use state-of-the-art methods and equipment to eliminate the possibility of contaminating your building or home during the removal process, including:

  • HEPA Filtered Negative Air Machines
  • HEPA Filtered Vacuums
  • Protection of all surfaces with poly sheeting
  • Fiber control through wet-methods of removing popcorn
  • Use of HEPA vacuums to control dust and debris
  • Proper disposal at an EPA approved landfill

The cost for asbestos popcorn removal can vary due to the following:

  • Is the area open like a department store or closed like a home with many rooms?
  • Has the popcorn been painted?
  • Will all the furniture and personal items be removed?
  • How tall are the ceilings?
  • Are the ceilings flat or vaulted?
  • How flexible is your time frame?
  • Will work need to be performed after hours, on weekends or holidays?
  • Where is the work located in the State?

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