Asbestos Removal In Chandler AZ

Asbestos Removal in Chandler AZ

Asbestos removal in Chandler AZ is easy and Low Cost for business owners and homeowners with American Abatement.  We work with you and your other contractors to make yours, a successful asbestos removal project. With 25 years’ experience and thousands of completely satisfied customers, you can depend on American Abatement. Read the 5 Star testimonials written by our clients, and you will know we are the right asbestos removal contractor for you. 

We have provided asbestos removal in Chandler for 25 years with knowledge and dedication to providing the most professional work ethics in the industry with competitive pricing. We show up on time and get the job done with no hassle to you. We’ve completed thousands of jobs with truly satisfied customers in Chandler and around Arizona.  We follow all asbestos regulations when performing work at your home or business.

Our key employees have been with us for 25 years.  Over 85% of our business is from repeat and referrals.  The asbestos removal we have provided in Chandler incudes asbestos flooring, asbestos mastics, asbestos roofing, asbestos popcorn ceiling texture, asbestos fireproofing, asbestos duct tape, asbestos drywall texture, asbestos cement pipe and many other types of asbestos

Our clients range from homeowners, hospitals, hotels, motels, apartments, churches, schools, mines, building owners, and others.  Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the most current methods for the abatement of asbestos.  We meet our time frames and keep the client informed of our progress.

We take safety seriously, and this is shown by our E-Mod of .83.  This is the lowest  workers compensation rate possible.  An E-Mod of 1.00 means your accident and incident rate is at the standard rate.  If your rate is higher than 1.00 you are being charged more than standard.  This is because your accidents and incidents over the prior 3 years are higher than standard.  If you had a rate of 1.20, you would be paying 20% more than normal for workers compensation.  Our rate is .83, which means we are extraordinarily safe.  We are charged 17% less than standard.  

Asbestos Removal in Chandler, AZ

Our contractors license AZ ROC #133952, and insurance covers all types of asbestos removal in Chandler, Az.  See the table below.

Types of Asbestos Removal in Chandler, AZ

Customer Testimonials


Hands down the best contractor I’ve had working on my home remodel. Omar was beyond helpful, and their whole team did an incredible job. It was way better than anything I could imagine. They were on time, clean and performed a level of work that was second to none. I highly recommend American Abatement. Thank you David and Omar for helping me with my remodel.


Google Kurtis Johnson

March 5, 2020

What a great team! They exceeded my expectations. They arrived on time and Sealed the room. They efficiently removed the tile and asbestos materials. The room is super clean and the concrete floor looks great. The flooring contractor will be pleased to see this clean floor.. The workers were so careful and so well supervised. I will not hesitate to call American Abatement if any problems occur in the future.


Gearold Van Roekel


I recently bought an older home that tested positive for asbestos in the popcorn ceilings. I reached out to American Abatement, among others, for a quote – David and his team were responsive, professional and had the most competitive pricing. Job took 2 days and they did a great job. Highly recommend.


Google Zack Silverman


I called American Abatement and one other place to get quotes on getting our old tile and glue removed. I spoke with American Abatement owner, David Smith, and he was extremely helpful and sympathetic to our issue. He also gave me the most reasonable quote. His crew arrived that Saturday morning and had the job completed by noon. His crew was very professional and helpful, answering all of our questions and concerns. They were efficient and cleaned up everything. I highly recommend American Abatement and would use them again without hesitation.


Google Renee Waring

Statement by American Abatement: American Abatement did not develop the underlying information used to create the information at this website and does not warrant the accuracy and completeness of such information. American Abatement emphasizes that asbestos and black mold should not be handled, sampled, removed, or repaired by anyone other than a qualified professional.