Asbestos Removal In Sedona AZ

Asbestos Removal in Sedona AZ

Business owners and homeowners can rest at ease when we are involved in your asbestos removal project in Sedona AZ. We work with you and your other contractors to make yours, a successful asbestos removal project. With 25 years’ experience and thousands of completely satisfied customers, you can depend on American Abatement. Read the testimonials written by our clients, and you will know we are the right asbestos removal contractor for you.  

We have provided asbestos removal in Sedona for 25 years with knowledge and dedication to providing the most professional work ethics in the industry with competitive pricing. We show up on time and get the job done with no hassle to you. We’ve completed thousands of jobs with truly satisfied customers in Sedona.  

Our key employees have been with us for 25 years.  Over 85% of our business is from repeat and referrals.  The asbestos removal we have provided Phoenix and the State includes the removal of asbestos in flooring, mastics, roofing, popcorn ceiling texture, fireproofing, duct tape, drywall, asbestos cement pipe and many others. 

Our clients range from homeowners, hospitals, hotels, motels, apartments, churches, schools, mines, building owners, and others.  Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the most current methods for the abatement of asbestos.  We meet our time frames and keep the client informed of our progress.

We take safety seriously, and this is shown by our E-Mod of .83.  This is the lowest  workers compensation rate possible.  An E-Mod of 1.00 means your accident and incident rate is at the standard rate.  If your rate is higher than 1.00 you are being charged more than standard.  This is because your accidents and incidents over the prior 3 years are higher than standard.  If you had a rate of 1.20, you would be paying 20% more than normal for workers compensation.  Our rate is .83, which means we are extraordinarily safe.  We are charged 17% less than standard.  

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The table below lists some of the asbestos removal in Sedona, Az materials.

Types of Asbestos Removal in Sedona, AZ

Customer Testimonials

January 21, 2015

American Abatement is the most professional, honest, efficient contractor that I have ever worked with. If I could rate them higher, I would in a heartbeat.

WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE with American. David (owner) and his super (Omar) were incredible. The price was very fair, and the quality of their work was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. They were hired to remediate the asbestos contamination in my house, but they went so far above and beyond that. They finished ahead of schedule, and got my family back into our home.

The condition in which they turned the house back over to us was breathtaking – the house was (obviously) remediated of the asbestos, and all of our contents were cleaned – sparkling clean like they were brand new…even the inside of our refrigerator was cleaned. All of our boxes and miscellaneous items were organized, stored neatly, and even the cords on the electronic items were tied up like they were when I bought them new out of the box.

David, Omar and everyone at American Abatement got my family back into our house, and gave it back to us so incredibly clean and organized. To say that they went above and beyond is an understatement. I would recommend them to anyone needing asbestos remediation work.


Yelp Customer Matthew B. in Phoenix

November 13, 2015

These guys did a great job getting rid of the asbestos mastic on our concrete floors. David fit us in the schedule quickly, communicated very clearly and professionally, and offered a fair price. Omar and the crew who showed up to do the work were very friendly, on time, totally professional. The floors were meticulously done – they carefully scraped up every single shred of quikset from the previous tile job to get all the glue underneath, cleared the mastic from every single corner, and just generally had great attention to detail. If you are in the unfortunate position of needing asbestos remediation, this is the place to call.


Yelp Customer Larry F. in Phoenix

March 25th, 2017

These guys did a great job getting rid of the asbestos tile and mastic from my concrete floor. David answered the phone personally on a Saturday evening and was able to work with my schedule. Omar and the crew were very professional. Within a few hours were able to remove all the tile and all the mastic to the point there was no evidence that tile ever existed on the floor. I’d been living with the tile encapsulated for years but am glad I called American Abatement now that I am in the process of renovating that room.


Yelp Michael M. in Phoenix

Statement by American Abatement: American Abatement did not develop the underlying information used to create the information at this website and does not warrant the accuracy and completeness of such information. American Abatement emphasizes that asbestos and black mold should not be handled, sampled, removed, or repaired by anyone other than a qualified professional.