lead paint removal for Infrastructure projects

lead paint removal for Infrastructure Projects

Lead Paint Removal from Infrastructure Bridge

American Abatement provides services to many large infrastructure contractors involved in infrastructure projects. We have removed lead paint from bridges, dams and many other structures. We have worked on removing old railroad ties from railroad beds. We have removed water pipes with lead. We provide services to General Contractors, Federal, State, and Local agencies directly.  We are prepared to provide services under the new Biden Infrastructure Law.  In addition to road and highway projects, there will be housing projects, airport infrastructure, and many other Arizona construction projects.  We are working with Kiewit Infrastructure West and McCarthy Construction on the Phoenix Light Rail Extension Projects.  All of our workers are lead trained and certified through the EPA lead program.  American Abatement is an EPA certified Lead Safe Contractor #LBP-F177989-2.  Our core employees have  been with us for 20 years or more.  We have used many methods of removing lead paint, including chemical strippers, sand blasting, dry ice blasting, and soda blasting.  The method used depends on the thickness and number of coats of paint.  The primer coating can be very difficult to remove, and may require several methods to find the best.


Safety is our top priority.  All our workers are OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 certified.  Our workers compensation e-mod rate is the lowest offered in the workers compensation insurance industry.  This is due to our low e-mod rate of .83.  This is the true indicator of safety.

We are prepared to service General Contractors, and Government agencies working on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

We have provided Infrastructure services to:

  • DPR Construction
  • McCarthy Construction
  • Kiewit Infrastructure West
  • MGC Contractors
  • PDI Construction
  • Union Pacific

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