Quality guaranteed HAZARDOUS MATERIALS REMOVAL services

Asbestos Removal
Asbestos Removal
Popcorn ceiling texture, floor tile, linoleum, transite flue pipes, and roofing materials are just a few of the asbestos containing materials we remove.
Mold Removal
Black Mold Removal
Black mold can be found in many places, and affect your health.
Lead-Based Paint Removal
Lead-based paint is a serious hazard for adults and children.
 Tank Removal
Tank Removal
We remove both underground and above ground tanks. These tanks may be leaking or not.
PCB's and Mercury Lamp Removal
PCB's and Mercury Lamp Removal
PCB light ballasts, transformers and mercury lamps are items we remove..
Contaminated Soil
Contaminated Soil Removal
We can remove or treat in place contaminated soil.

Are you ready to experience a hazard free environment?

We will take the hazards out of your building.

We follow the same three procedures to deliver you a sensible and affordable solution based on your needs. These procedures are used for all projects, large or small, simple or complex, lasting a day or a month.
We will visit, use reports, and information from you to determine the materials to be removed or the work to be performed. We talk to all individuals involved, to meet schedules, special circumstances, etc.
We will provide a written firm price quote (no change orders) provide various options, get input from client and make changes.
Schedule the work, perform the work, follow-up.
Your complete satisfaction is our goal. we consistently follow the 3 step process which results in a successful end product, and eliminates unnecessary change orders. We take great pride in our industry wide reputation for completing the scope of work without asking for more money.

More services available


After the removal of asbestos, mold or lead-based paint materials you are left with the task of finding and hiring another contractor to put back these building materials.

Interior Demolition:

We have performed hundreds of interior demolitions.  Our most recent interior demolition was at The Scottsdale Inn.  It involved the complete demo of 218 hotel rooms.

Burst Water Pipes:

Arizona faces freezing temperatures each year. With these conditions water pipes in attic spaces and other locations may burst and cause serious water leaks and damage to drywall, carpeting and other items. These types of leaks require immediate attention so that the drywall, carpet and other items can be dried out and the build back process started.

Ceiling Texture Replacement:

We can put the new finish on your ceiling, and paint it.

Drywall Replacement:

We can replace the drywall removed in the asbestos or mold removal process. Including various textures and painting.

Duct Cleaning:

Clean your ducts of the dust, mold and other airborne particles that effect the air you breath. Duct cleaning also reduces future dusting efforts.